Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Got Lemons? Throw Them..or Make Lemonade

Happy Tuesday everyone. Boy has this been a really tough week. I had to move out of my apartment last Saturday and I was supposed to close on this home last Friday. Seemed like a pretty good plan right? Well not so much. It turned out that my closing date was pushed back due to an issue with the seller. Talk about a worse case scenario. So my living situation is not as I'd hope but i'm hoping that will turn around in the next 48 hours. **fingers crossed** I'm trying very hard to stay positive, so I'll tell you about some things I found while searching the internet.

1. Jo-Ann's Fabric is having a really great "web exclusive" fabric sale. Every yard of fabric is on sale. From 30-50% off. If you are like me and always has a project looming around the corner, this may be a great time to stock up.

2. I don't know about you but I am horrible with always trying to figure out exactly how many yards of fabric I need to complete a project. I always seem to have way more then I need. I guess it's better to have more then less right? Well I found this app for my Iphone. It's called Fabric Converter and it's in the Apple Store. Check it out when you get a chance

3. Last but not least. I found this blogger named Two Girls Being Crafty. She decorated these coasters with scrapbook paper. Super super cute. I have a flea market show to do on the 12th. I will be making these for sure and adding them into my Etsy shop.

Well until the next post...

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