Monday, May 7, 2012

Garment Sewing Challenge

Garment Sewing Challenge: May 2012

Happy Monday everyone. So I am super excited. I have great news. Well let's hope it's great news and not potential suicide. hahaha. But I decided to join this contest. It's called "Garment Sewing Challenge." Participants have to make one garment that they would be PROUD to wear in public then viewers/the public will vote on it. I'm super excited about it but nervous at the same time. I do think that I am creative enough to do this and I think it'll be a great way to further advertise my blog. Regardless I will be very proud of whatever I sew and I will blog about my progress every step of the way. Until next time :)


  1. Best of luck with your garment, I'm sure you will do fine:)

  2. I'm also taking part in the challenge. Look forward to seeing the garment you create.

  3. of luck to you PAM :)

  4. this can be a potential suicide for me 2!!! hahahahaha!!!!!! anyway, am not bashful at all so....... let's go!
    good luck, am sure (i wanna be sure) our garments will look amazing ;)

  5. POSITIVITY!!!!! that's the spirit Maha Lub
    We will all get through this together and have fun/learn new things along the way :)