Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Blanket

Hello hello hello to you all

I hope everyone had a great summer. I recently took some time off but now I'm officially back. I recently found out that I am expecting. So it's a very exciting time for me. One thing that I realized is just how expensive it is to decorate a nursery. Some things are sheerly ridiculous. So I've decided that I will make some things and some things I'll buy. My first project was to sew a baby's blanket. I hit a few bumps here and there but overall I was impressed with how it turned out. So impressed that I'm going to add this item to my Etsy shop.

Supplies I Used

1. Two pieces of fabric--Rectangle shape. The top fabric was 22" x 32" and the bottom fabric was 25" x 35"

2. Matching thread

3. Quilt Batting

I found this Winnie the Pooh and Chocolate fabric at Wal-mart. I didn't pay over $8 for it
Here are the final results: