Monday, October 8, 2012

Nursery Wall Decor

Happy Monday to you all. I hope everyone had a productive creative weekend. I attempted this week to make some hanging wall art for the nursery. ***Disclaimer: This was my first attempt at such a thing***

There..glad I got that disclaimer out of the way. Here is a picture of the things I used

One tip that I do have for anyone who is going to paint on canvas is to put push pins on the backside in each corner. I know you're looking at me weird but I promise you this works. The purpose of this is to elevate your canvas which will prevent it from sticking to your drop cloth, sheet, etc. It sucks to paint something then have to peel it from the sheet/cloth.

So I painted the entire canvas brown because that's what I wanted my background to be.

After it dried, I just wrote on it this scripture that I liked. You can of course write whatever you choose to. It's your project so you can do whatever you want to :)

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