Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Napkin Holders: Got Flavor?

Yesterday I did a really neat project. I am in the process of moving so instead of packing I keep cranking out new things and adding to my homes decor. Makes sense right? Not so much.

I bought this table about a month ago and I decided I wanted to decorate it but I wanted to make everything. The tough thing about being creative is that it's very hard to find things that you are 100% happy with. I looked all over trying to find the perfect napkin holders and what an epic fail that was.

I love pink and I love flowers so I ended up making these really neat napkin holders. After looking and looking, I couldn't find anything that came close to this.

If you or someone you know is having a similar problem, then let me take care of it for you. Send me your ideas and I'll make it for you. The best part of it all, I promise to do it cheap and will take care of shipping. You can't beat that right..

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